IEC series

T series

"ECOL" Motors & Include fire pump motor 0.06kW thru 315kW
Cast Iron & Aluminum TEFC
Frame 56 thru 315

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? Energy savings, high efficiency
?  High starting torque, lower starting current
?  ;Versatile design (easy to modify for varieties of application)

?  Option of integrated or removable foot
?  Option of aluminum housing up to frame size 200
?  Option of terminal box location (top, left or right)
?  Option of IE2, IE3, MEPS High and Premium Efficiency for IEC standards + NEMA EPACT and Premium Efficiency
?  Contained total length (same or shorter than current popular models in the market)
?  Full use of magnetization property of cold rolled silicon steel (stator lamination is magnetized evenly to reduce temperature rise of winding)


?  Pumps

?  Waste water treatment plant
?  Air compressors, fans

?  Gear reducers and power transmission
?  Pulp and paper mill
?  Steel mill
?  Conveyors, elevators
?  Material handling equipments
?  Agricultural applications
?  Mining equipments
?  Hydraulic equipments

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