NEMA motors

TXA/TXC series

NEMA 3-Phase Motors
EPACT & Premium Efficiency
1HP thru 250HP
Cast Iron TEFC
143T thru 449T

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?  208 - 230/460V/60HZ or 575V/60HZ
?  NEMA Service Factor 1.15/1.25
?  Continuous Duty 40℃ Ambient
?  TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled)
?  NEMA Design B or C
?  Class F insulation with Class B Temp rise
?  Cast iron frames
?  Ball bearings
?  IP55 protection
?  Up to 445T available in integral  foot or removalbe foot


?  Pumps
?  Compressors
?  Fans
?  Machine tools
?  Energy saving application
?  Three phase applications on other general purpose
?  Conveyors (Design C)
?  Gear reducers (Design C)
?  Applications requiring design C torque

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